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Op-ed: Libraries can be an important chapter in the life of a child

Whether you grew up a bookworm or a child who avoided reading, everybody had a favorite book. These books stretched our imaginations, taught us valuable lessons, and helped us to grow in many ways.  

Letters to the Editor: March 22, 2017

Crack down on troubled kids

Embrace Nutrition Month with a healthy diet

“Put your Best Fork Forward” is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics theme for 2017 nutrition. The slogan encourages us to make small changes for a healthy diet, one forkful at a time. The challenge is to try a variety of nutritious foods from various food groups to promote healthy choices.

Letters to the Editor: March 15, 2017

Where does the money go?

Irish eyes are smiling with these Guinness treats

Here’s a little humor for St. Patrick’s Day to go along with a few recipes that use Guinness, a pint of which has fewer calories than a pint of orange juice.

Save money and pile on the produce with these tips

When it comes to food shopping for fresh produce, we’re all on the hunt for ways to stretch our budget while filling our carts. Luckily, smart shoppers know that with a little planning, saving money while piling on the produce is easier than ever. Below, we, the ShopRite Health and Wellness Team, have gathered some of the most popular ways to save big while shopping in the produce aisle.

Pies for Pi Day

Tuesday, March 14, is Pi Day. The celebration of Pi, 3.14, takes place on 3/14. Pi is the ratio of the distance around a circle, its circumference, to the distance across the center of the circle, its diameter, where A(rea) = π r2 — remember geometry, people? Pi Day celebrations began in 1988 and have spread worldwide since then.

Embracing the charm of Brewery ARS

Joe Sixpack shares all things beer with readers in this weekly column.  ​

Alone time is nice, but togetherness fills her heart

In a very long marriage, in a totally familiar place, I’m suddenly in a totally unfamiliar context. I am alone in a king-size bed without my king.