Judge wrestlers have great Hershey experience

Liam Logue (top) hopes this year’s ex­per­i­ence will help him dur­ing his ju­ni­or and seni­or sea­sons. PHOTO: LIAM LOGUE

There’s little doubt Tre­vor Elfv­in’s grand­mom would be proud.

She’d be proud be­cause the Fath­er Judge High School seni­or en­joyed quite a ca­reer on the mats.

Sure, she might not have un­der­stood all of the de­tails about wrest­ling, but whenev­er Elfv­in would come home with a great story, or even bet­ter, a medal, she’d have a huge smile.

“She didn’t make it to a lot of tour­na­ments be­cause they’re far,” Elfv­in said. “She lived with us after she got sick, and my mom would al­ways talk about wrest­ling, so she knew about it. And I would al­ways tell her about it.”

Sadly, Elfv­in’s grand­moth­er died a little over a year ago, but she would love to hear his the story about his seni­or year.

The 152-pound­er from Levit­town, who helped lead the Cru­saders to a Cath­ol­ic League cham­pi­on­ship, en­joyed a great in­di­vidu­al sea­son, win­ning 43 matches in the pro­cess. Two of his vic­tor­ies came this week­end in Her­shey at the PI­AA state tour­na­ment. He also lost two matches, so he didn’t qual­i­fy for a medal, but he did hold his own in what is tra­di­tion­ally a very tough weight class against the best wrest­lers in the state.

“It’s great be­ing out there, see­ing the best wrest­lers,” said Elfv­in, who lost his fi­nal match on Fri­day, but stuck around to watch the fi­nals on Sat­urday. “It’s a great at­mo­sphere. There’s a lot of great wrest­lers up here.”

One of them was Elfv­in’s team­mate, Liam Logue.

The 106-pound­er also made the state tour­na­ment and the sopho­more had a strong show­ing, win­ning his first match be­fore drop­ping his next two.

But un­like Elfv­in, Logue will have a chance to use the tricks he learned wrest­ling in the biggest tour­na­ment of the sea­son next year when he re­turns to the Cru­saders’ lineup.

“This year, I was more of a lead­er and I think next year I’ll have to be even more of a lead­er,” said Logue, a Roxbor­ough res­id­ent who went 38-7 on the year. “This year, I was able to take it to the next level and next year I’ll want to do it again. Wrest­ling (at states) def­in­itely will mo­tiv­ate me to medal next year. You al­ways want to take the next step.”

Logue is also ex­cited about the pro­spects of the Cru­saders con­tinu­ing their great run.

Judge has won two Cath­ol­ic League crowns in a row, and he’s op­tim­ist­ic the team can con­tin­ue its win­ning ways next year.

“I came to Judge be­cause I wanted to wrestle for a great pro­gram, and it’s been great,” Logue said. “It’s great. We have a lot of guys who want to wrestle and want to wrestle for a good team. Plus, we’re one of the best teams at Judge, so the fans come out. We do pretty good and we get a lot of sup­port.

“We have work to do, but we can def­in­itely win an­oth­er cham­pi­on­ship. We have great wrest­lers and great ones com­ing in.”

While Logue will be busy push­ing him­self to take the next step as a wrest­ler, and do­ing his best to en­sure the Cru­saders re­main the elite team in the Cath­ol­ic League, Elfv­in will move on to Drexel Uni­versity, where he plans on con­tinu­ing his wrest­ling ca­reer for the Dragons, who were ranked in the top 25 this year.

While there, he’ll con­tin­ue to work on his wrest­ling ca­reer while work­ing to hon­or his grand­mom.

“I’m go­ing to study nurs­ing,” Elfv­in said. “I was around my grand­mom when she was sick and she needed help. The nurses were great. They took care of her and made her com­fort­able when she needed things.

“I want to do that. I want to help. That’s the biggest thing I want to do. I want to make sure people who need help get it.”

Now that his high school ca­reer is over, he can start to fo­cus on his fu­ture. But Elfv­in is happy that he had one fi­nal week­end to say good­bye to high school wrest­ling.

“Be­ing here was great be­cause I grew up in West­ern (Pennsylvania), I moved here when I was in sev­enth grade, so I got to see a lot of my friends this week­end,” Elfv­in said. “I ac­tu­ally got to warm up with a guy I wrestled with my whole life. He’s (a 182-pound­er), so he’s big­ger, but it was fun to get a chance to wrestle with him again.

“Be­ing here was great be­cause I got to see a lot of my friends from when I was young­er, but I also got to see a lot of the guys from Dis­trict One. When I was out there, they were cheer­ing for me and when they were wrest­ling, I was cheer­ing for them.”

Things wer­en’t per­fect.

Elfv­in def­in­itely wanted to leave Her­shey with a medal. And that’s why he’s one of the best wrest­lers in the Phil­adelphia area.

But he’s also happy he had a chance to shine one last time.

“I’m not sat­is­fied, I don’t think any­one who doesn’t win a state title is sat­is­fied,” Elfv­in said. “But you learn by wrest­ling the best, and that’s who you see here.” ••

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