Letters to the Editor: Jan. 4, 2017

Slow down speed cam­er­as

Where speed cam­er­as are used, the speed lim­its are ar­ti­fi­cially low and tick­ets go out just barely above the speed lim­it. This is de­signed to tick­et av­er­age drivers for profit. Ig­nored is the fact that speed cam­er­as have been shown to make sig­ni­fic­ant er­rors. The read­ings have been wrong, stopped cars were sup­posedly speed­ing, and in­cor­rect cars have been cited. All speed-tim­ing devices and cam­er­as have po­ten­tial er­rors that may oc­cur, but not be ob­vi­ous. 

In Wash­ing­ton, D.C., their own data sug­gests that speed was a factor in a scant 3.1 per­cent of crashes and that cam­er­as of all types have not im­proved safety there. This is not rare, since crashes have ris­en world­wide or stayed steady, after speed cam­er­as were in­stalled. 

The so-called ex­perts push­ing this also de­man­ded red-light cam­er­as. In Phil­adelphia, crashes in­creased after they went in. Then the same people called for stop-arm cam­er­as, mu­ni­cip­al po­lice radar, etc. All of these devices rely upon poor traffic en­gin­eer­ing and pred­at­ory en­force­ment. 

More crashes and tick­ets to safe drivers are the norm. Max­im­um safety on roads oc­curs when we have speed lim­its pos­ted to the 85th per­cent­ile free-flow­ing traffic speed, yel­low traffic lights set to the 85th per­cent­ile plus an ad­ded pad, and stop signs only where needed. When you do the ex­act op­pos­ite, you will cause crashes, tick­et safe drivers, and maybe the wrong drivers. 

Please con­tact your state rep­res­ent­at­ive, state sen­at­or, and the gov­ernor to op­pose the above in Pennsylvania.

James Sikor­ski Jr. 

PA Ad­voc­ate Na­tion­al Mo­tor­ists As­so­ci­ation

Donate food to help needy

Thank you to every­one who gen­er­ously donated winter coats to our coat col­lec­tion for home­less vet­er­ans. These coats will be donated to vet­er­ans in Phil­adelphia who are strug­gling with home­less­ness. 

I am still col­lect­ing non-per­ish­able food items in my dis­trict of­fice.  

These items are donated to loc­al food cup­boards and made avail­able to needy fam­il­ies in our com­munity. Any­one who wishes to donate to this on­go­ing ef­fort is asked to drop off your dona­tions to my dis­trict of­fice at 19 South York Road in Hat­boro. 

Thank you in ad­vance for your con­sid­er­a­tion. 

Thomas P. Murt 

State Rep­res­ent­at­ive, 152nd Le­gis­lat­ive Dis­trict

Hil­lary is to blame for los­ing the elec­tion, not the Rus­si­ans

I think it’s time for the Amer­ic­an people to take a real good look at our news me­dia and be­gin to doubt and ques­tion their abil­ity to in­form the truth to us. Es­pe­cially now after the chaot­ic hand­ling of this 2016 elec­tion.

As of now, the out­come of the elec­tion is be­ing blamed on Rus­si­an hack­ing. This fear of Rus­si­an hack­ers is only a di­ver­sion from the real em­bar­rass­ment of Hil­lary’s loss. Fur­ther­more, to ac­tu­ally see and hear Hil­lary blatantly blame FBI dir­ect­or James Comey for in­ter­rupt­ing her mojo dur­ing the last week of the elec­tion was really pathet­ic. 

Was she really ques­tion­ing the au­thor­ity of a top FBI agent from do­ing his job? In her ar­rog­ant stance, she be­lieves she’s above the law. So now, after the elec­tion, we are sup­posed to be­lieve that Rus­si­an hack­ers are re­spons­ible for everything that Hil­lary has done wrong. Again, para­noia play­ing in­to the Amer­ic­an psyche that there are clearly no hon­or­able win­ners or losers from the out­come of this elec­tion, but only vin­dict­ive people against Trump’s vic­tory.

The hack­ing of the DNC ma­ter­i­als would not have been leaked if it wasn’t for Hil­lary’s un­se­cured serv­ers. Wasn’t this the whole is­sue un­der Comey’s in­vest­ig­a­tion and the Sen­ate hear­ings re­gard­ing her care­less hand­ling of top secret in­form­a­tion while she was sec­ret­ary of state? But again, the me­dia and the Justice De­part­ment swayed away from the truth and are now feed­ing us fake news that Rus­si­an hack­ers are re­spons­ible for Hil­lary’s down­fall.

No, it wasn’t the Rus­si­ans re­spons­ible for Hil­lary’s loss, but Hil­lary her­self. And if the me­dia and Hil­lary sup­port­ers can­not come to terms that Hil­lary’s leaked emails showed her con­niv­ing per­son­al­ity, this “hacked” con­spir­acy did not tamper with votes, but rather altered the minds of the voters in the swing states by vot­ing against Hil­lary. The Amer­ic­an people have spoken, not the Rus­si­ans. It was Hil­lary’s dis­reg­ard to na­tion­al se­cur­ity that ex­posed the true trans­par­ency of her flawed char­ac­ter. And to the me­dia, that’s the truth. 

Al Ulus


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