Letters to the Editor: Jan. 18, 2017

Thank you, loc­al po­lice

I want to take the time to thank the two 15th Dis­trict po­lice of­ficers who helped save my cat’s life on New Year’s Eve. 

As my cat help­lessly dangled from my iron fence post, cry­ing in des­per­a­tion, of­ficers Shar­on Pawlowski and John Miller quickly re­spon­ded to my neigh­bor’s 911 call.

They re­moved her from the fence post and rushed her to a nearby an­im­al hos­pit­al. 

Not only do our of­ficers sac­ri­fice their lives on a daily basis, they also go above and bey­ond their call of duty!

Dave Iorio


Demo­crats out of touch

Once again, just as in the na­tion­al elec­tion, the Demo­crat lead­er­ship has demon­strated how out of touch they are with middle-class work­ing fam­il­ies. 

I will start with the new evil tax on most drinks. If we pur­chase a case of 16-ounce Gat­o­rade for $11, the soda tax on this is $5.76 plus 88 cents sales tax. 

We already pay the second-highest city wage tax in the na­tion and 8 per­cent sales tax. On top of this, Demo­crat­ic Gov. Wolf has just ad­ded 7.9 cent tax to the highest gas tax-per-gal­lon in the U.S. Wolf just in­creased the already enorm­ous tolls on the Turn­pike 6 per­cent. My tolls are $48 a week on a road that was only sup­posed to have tolls un­til the cost of build­ing it was com­pleted. I could go on and on. By the time we ad­ded the above on top of our fed­er­al, state and oth­er taxes, we prob­ably bring home about 35 cents on each dol­lar we earn. 

Let me go back to the tax on most bever­ages. Not only does this af­fect our pur­chases, but the hit will be much worse on those that lose jobs and busi­nesses.  Most busi­nesses are barely hanging on in Phil­adelphia with the out­rageous taxes and in­sane reg­u­la­tion. 

Just look at Frank­ford Av­en­ue where I live. In the past year, Path­mark, Kmart and Food Ba­sics have gone un­der be­cause they could not make a profit with all the taxes and reg­u­la­tion. Fi­nally, a new store opened up called PJP, in the old Food Ba­sics store, and much of what they sell is drinks. This will prob­ably kill them and all the jobs cre­ated in our neigh­bor­hood.  

Many small busi­nesses like steak shops and soft- pret­zel stores make a fair per­cent of their profit on the sale of drinks. Much of this will go away be­cause many of us will nev­er pay or can­not af­ford to pay this massive tax. I am sure many work­ing fam­il­ies will do like my fam­ily and load up on drinks in stores out­side Phil­adelphia, and while we are there pick up our full gro­cery or­ders, killing more jobs in our city.

I used to won­der in as­ton­ish­ment how the Demo­crats could not com­pre­hend that their policies des­troy jobs and hurt work­ing fam­il­ies. They could not be that stu­pid, could they? The truth is they are not. They figured out a long time ago they win either way. 

If we pay the in­sane taxes, they have more money to buy votes and get massive pen­sions. The part I missed for years is that when we lose our jobs, they have us ex­actly where they want us — totally de­pend­ent on gov­ern­ment handouts of food stamps and hous­ing as­sist­ance. No longer free, but on the gov­ern­ment-run plant­a­tion. As much as we like where we live and love our neigh­bors, we will prob­ably end up like many oth­ers, forced to move out of the city to sur­vive.

Tom Lacey


Pro­tect un­born ba­bies

When was it that a wo­man’s right to choose be­came syn­onym­ous with tak­ing away a child’s right to be born? Ob­vi­ously, pro­tect­ing the un­born is first and fore­most to me in our world today. When I think about this and pray about it, I close my eyes and see Je­sus weep­ing over Jer­u­s­alem so many cen­tur­ies ago. The only dif­fer­ence in this vis­ion for me today is see­ing him weep­ing over the lost lives of so many in­no­cent little ones and the loc­a­tion of the heart­break­ing sad­ness…Amer­ica. 

Per­son­ally, I don’t be­lieve peace will be ours in any as­pect un­til we take care of the rights of our little ones and face the cul­ture of death that is slowly, but clearly per­vad­ing our na­tion.

Pat Beven­our


Bever­age tax is fool­ish

The bever­age tax is a fool­ish idea. All that’s go­ing to come out of it is re­duced sales and maybe re­duced rev­en­ue, people driv­ing out to the sub­urbs — as I do — and “bottleg­gers” on every corner. [bottleg­ger: a port­manteau of bottle and boot­leg­ger]

Howard J. Wilk


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