Letters to the Editor: Dec. 28, 2016

Open old pris­on for home­less

To all who live, work or shop in North­east Phil­adelphia: Times are chan­ging. This part of North­east Phil­adelphia was once a quiet, peace­ful place to en­joy life and raise our fam­il­ies. This is not the case any­more. Qual­ity of life has de­teri­or­ated, and we must act now be­fore this area turns in­to a slum.

Spe­cific­ally, the prob­lem at our church, 7234 Er­drick St. (at Cottman Av­en­ue) in the Ta­cony area, and cer­tain oth­er in­sti­tu­tions in the area is the grow­ing home­less pop­u­la­tion. They sleep, eat, de­fec­ate and in some cases shoot up right on the grounds of our church. They leave garbage and hu­man waste, old card­board and filthy mat­tresses near the en­trance to our church. How can we pos­sibly at­tract any­one to wor­ship with us if they have to walk through this mine­field of filth? We also have closed our preschool due to low at­tend­ance, caused in part by this grow­ing prob­lem. Would you want your child to live with this?

In re­cent years, po­lice have been called many times and they chase the of­fend­ers, only to have them re­turn as soon as the po­lice leave. This is a long­stand­ing prob­lem that keeps get­ting worse. We are aware there are no shel­ters in this part of the city, so where are the home­less to go? We have a heart. We are a church, after all, but this is go­ing to close us down if we can’t re­main a safe, at­tract­ive place for people to wor­ship.

Please make this is­sue a top pri­or­ity to be re­solved. We need a short-term res­ol­u­tion, and for the fu­ture, it has been sug­ges­ted that pos­sibly the old Holmes­burg pris­on fa­cil­ity could be turned in­to a clean, safe place for the home­less. There are no im­me­di­ate neigh­bors, and the fa­cil­ity is eas­ily reached by SEPTA. We des­per­ately need help, and soon.

Thank you for your ser­i­ous con­sid­er­a­tion of this mat­ter that af­fects the lives of hun­dreds liv­ing in this area as well as the busi­nesses and in­sti­tu­tions that call it home.

Lisa Mul­lin, pres­id­ent

Joan Glynn, vice pres­id­ent

Good Shep­herd Luther­an Church Coun­cil

Lousy idea by Bobby Hen­on

Coun­cil­man Bobby Hen­on thinks 7777 State Road is a good place for a scrap yard.

This is next to a huge great river­front park. Any use for this site would be bet­ter, but some Philly pol wants to ram this down our throats and waste prime wa­ter­front land. 

Could this hap­pen in Bo­ston or San Fran­cisco? Only in Philly.

Gary Can­t­ando

Lex­ing­ton Park

Drive safely, han­di­capped seni­ors

At­ten­tion, seni­ors. Stop leav­ing the PA han­di­cap plac­ard hanging from your rear-view mir­ror while you drive. 

It is dan­ger­ous for you and oth­ers, and ob­scures your vis­ion. 

Also, it dis­reg­ards the bold­face warn­ing on the plac­ard it­self to not drive with it on your wind­shield. 

This seems to be com­mon prac­tice, since it is con­veni­ent to just leave it hanging all the time.

Joseph Caristo


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