Letters to the Editor: December 14, 2016

Lib­er­als angry, im­ma­ture

In re­sponse to Mar­ilyn Bra­hen’s Let­ter to the Ed­it­or, “Ra­cist voters out in the open,” pub­lished on Nov. 30:

Ms. Bra­hen, how low can one go as to mock an 11-year-old boy who did noth­ing but sup­port a can­did­ate for an up­com­ing elec­tion? That young man showed char­ac­ter. He works at his fath­er’s res­taur­ant, is ex­cel­ling in school and is ac­tu­ally pay­ing at­ten­tion to the world around him. 

He should be ap­plauded for his en­thu­si­asm to have an in­terest in polit­ics and the dir­ec­tion he would like to see this coun­try go. His view may not agree with what you wanted, but that’s life; someone wins and someone loses. 

You say that you bought a shirt that states, “Make Amer­ica Tol­er­ant Again.” What a hy­po­crite you are. You’re tol­er­ant of oth­ers, as long as they be­lieve what you be­lieve. And if they don’t, you call them names like big­ot, ra­cist, hate­mon­ger and worse. 

When did you be­come so vir­tu­ous and su­per­i­or? And why, may I ask, should I care about how the black, His­pan­ic, Jew­ish and Muslim chil­dren felt the day after the elec­tion? I’m sure most of them were do­ing what chil­dren do best, be chil­dren. I don’t re­call any art­icles about chil­dren of those eth­ni­cit­ies and re­li­gions mak­ing videos in sup­port of Hil­lary. And I’m sure that if they did, they would have re­ceived much more ex­pos­ure than this young man. I ap­plaud the North­east Times for pub­lish­ing his story.

I didn’t like it when Obama be­came our pres­id­ent, but I ac­cep­ted it and life went on. I didn’t crawl in­to a ball and act out in my frus­tra­tion. You didn’t see this un­pre­ced­en­ted dis­play of an­ger and im­ma­tur­ity com­ing from the Re­pub­lic­ans/con­ser­vat­ives when Obama won. I have nev­er seen such a dis­play of im­ma­tur­ity among a group of people (lib­er­al Demo­crats) than I have seen since the elec­tion res­ults came in. 

Col­lege “chil­dren” need­ing co­coa and cook­ies, cry­ing rooms, ex­ams be­ing delayed, and the need to “take time to mourn.” What the heck is this coun­try com­ing to if these washrags are the fu­ture? 

And what about the mor­on­ic Hol­ly­wood 23 who de­clared they were leav­ing the coun­try if Trump won? Haven’t seen one of them live up to that prom­ise yet, have you? Of course not. They are all talk and no ac­tion. 

Now we have a pres­id­ent who does talk a lot, but will take ac­tion to Make Amer­ica Great Again.

Scott Ma­lin­owski


Non­white kids fear Trump

In re­sponse to Ron Kall’s Let­ter to the Ed­it­or, “Pot call­ing the kettle black,” pub­lished on Dec. 7:

Ron Kall’s re­sponse to my con­cerns against veri­fied hate crimes since the elec­tion (Dec. 7) is a clas­sic case of deni­al with a meas­ure of self-right­eous­ness at­tached. 

The South Philly store win­dow with the swastika and the words “Heil Trump 2016” on it and oth­er pho­tos and videos show­ing ra­cism and bigotry are bon­afide news stor­ies. It’s easy to turn the truth around, blame things on your rival and hope people will swal­low such twis­ted lies whole without check­ing their valid­ity. Thus, when con­fron­ted  with hate clearly stamped with ties to Trump, he in­sists Trump’s sup­port­ers didn’t do it, and hopes his own fake take on the news will spread. But that doesn’t help the frightened non­white dis­ad­vant­aged chil­dren fa­cing fears since Nov. 8. 

Why don’t you send re­port­ers to our schools to ask the teach­ers and stu­dents to find the truth?

Mar­ilyn “Mat­tie” Bra­hen

Ox­ford Circle

Thank you, good Samar­it­an

Re­cently, I had a bad fall on Sack­ett Street. 

A man in a white car came around the corner, saw me, stopped his car and asked if I fell. I said yes. 

He shut his door and came up to help me. He got me up and told me to stand there for a few seconds, then he slowly walked me across the street.  

He asked me where I lived, and I said around the corner. He walked me up to my house. I got my keys out and opened the door. 

My hus­band came and saw me bleed­ing and up­set. I told him what happened. I turned to thank the man, but he was gone. 

So, a great big thank you to the man in a white car. He had white hair and looked like he was in his 60s. 

Again, thank you!

Eliza­beth Bos­worth

Lower May­fair

You can reach at .

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