Port Richmond woman opens Fishtown’s first cycle studio

  • Ciclo at 2040 Frankford Ave. is Fishtown’s first cycle studio. ALI EAVES / STAR PHOTO

  • There are 15 spinning bikes in Ciclo’s high-energy studio. ALI EAVES / STAR PHOTO

  • Port Richmond resident and studio owner Mina Carroll teaches Ciclo’s first class on opening day early this month. ALI EAVES / STAR PHOTO

Fishtown’s first cycle stu­dio had its in­aug­ur­al ride on Sat­urday, March 8.

Not only was it Ciclo’s open­ing day, but it was the first class that stu­dio own­er Mina Car­roll ever taught—not that you could tell. 

Car­roll, a 38-year-old ac­count­ant and moth­er of two who lives in Port Rich­mond, said it’s been her dream to open a Spin­ning stu­dio for years. She settled on Fishtown be­cause she found the per­fect space at 2040 Frank­ford Ave.

Her vis­ion is for a wel­com­ing place that won’t in­tim­id­ate be­gin­ners. At the first class, where there were sev­er­al new­bies, she began with an ex­plan­a­tion of the dif­fer­ent po­s­i­tions used in the class and how to ad­just the bike to fit prop­erly.

“A lot of people think they can’t do it, so they won’t even try it,” she said. “But it’s not something you have to be a vet­er­an at. Every­one has to start some­where.”

In­stead of dir­ect­ing the class to set the bike at a spe­cif­ic res­ist­ance level, as some in­struct­ors do, Car­roll dir­ects each per­son to set the res­ist­ance at a level of dif­fi­culty on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 be­ing full ex­er­tion.

The tone of the class was high en­ergy but low pres­sure—every­one was en­cour­aged to go at their own pace, and the lights were turned down. The playl­ist—which Car­roll said had been her biggest worry be­fore open­ing day—in­cluded Justin Tim­ber­lake, Phar­rell and Mi­chael Jack­son.

“I really want to em­phas­ize that this is for you,” she said. “I want you at a level 5 dif­fi­culty for you.”

Car­roll got hooked on spin­ning about 10 years ago when she took a class at a loc­al gym.

“It kicks your butt, but you also feel en­er­gized,” she said. “It’s also such an ef­fi­cient workout. You can burn so many cal­or­ies in so little time.”

Five oth­er in­struct­ors will teach classes along with Car­roll, so she can keep her day job as an ac­count­ant. There are two to four classes on the sched­ule each day, all of which are for all levels and 45 minutes long. Every­one’s first class is free. After that, classes cost $15 each or less if you buy a bundle. For more in­form­a­tion about Ciclo, vis­it stu­di­ociclo.com. ••

You can reach at aeaves@bsmphilly.com.

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